Friday, October 03, 2008

What does your name Mean

Go here to see what your name means you'll be surprised.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I guess no video just pics

Okay so I have tried to download videos and powerpoints to this blog but it does not appear to be cooperating with me. Therefore here are a few pics of our Reno's.

Prince Charmin's Quarters

Princess Grace-Ella's Chambers

The Master Suite

An Outside Look.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Who You are makes a difference

My aunt sent this to me and I just cired my eyes out. I hope you enjoy it.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Taste Buds

Ok So here is a little quiz on taste buds.

Margerine or Butter.

For me butter hands down.

2. what is your favorite meat:

a) Chicken
b) Pork
C) Beef
D) Fish

Fish wins it for me

3. Salty or Sweet.

I prefer popcorn but I must say I do crave chocolate .

4. On a sandwich Mustard or mayo

I prefer ranch dressing. Actually

5. What is your favorite soup.

Pea soup for me must be the french Canadian in me.

6. Drinks
A) Tea
B) Coffee
C) Soda
d) water

For me it's tea. Apple cinamon, with a little bit of honey.

7. Popcorn or Chips
Popcorn Homemade on the stove with lots of butter.

8.Wich is your favorite Terrace Fast food Restaurant

a) McDonalds
b) KFC
c) A&W
d) Subway
E) Tim's

Mine is and always will be KFC I know Gross. But I just love that chicken
9. Which is you favorite Sit down restaurant

A) Don DIego's
b) Golden Star
C) Pizza Hut
d) Boston Pizza
E) Denny;s
f) Mr. Mikes
G) L'ambiance
SIt down restaurant are you kidding. I wish and if I did get to go to one and could actually afford one it would be Don's all the way.

10.What is your favorite starch
A) Patatoes
B) Rice
C) Pasta

For me past with homemade sauce.

Okay well have fun.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

False Prophet or not??? That is the question

Okay. So I was cleaning out one of the units at my job last week and I spotted this book. So I look at it and thought right away ahh looks kind of cultish so I throw it into the box of stuff bound for the dump. Well as Roy comes to get the stuff for the dump he spots the same book and takes it into the truck. So imagine my surprise when I get into the truck anb see it there. I said to him that book is kind of weird no. He said it is about the Paul's journey and the book of Acts. So I started to read the book and to my excitment I am enjoying this book a great deal.. I love a good book. So on friday as I am reading this book I just get this sense that I should check the author up online. The problem with that is I am never sure where to check out if someone is real or false. So here is where your help come in. Have you heard of the author Gene Edwards. and if yes Would you say he is legit of some cultish fein. The book I was reading is called the Silas Diary. Okay I await your input.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Wish List

I know that material things should not be important but if I were to wish out loud these would be on my wish list.
This is Margin Gem Wood Cook Stove. Yup that is right. a wood cook stove. I am in love with this stove. Little house on the prairie here I come.

This a shimpo Aspire. pottery wheel. It is my dream to pot till my hands hurt.

ANd this is for the wild side of me and Keven too.

Well Maybe the Lord will bless us with this wish list. He has with the last.